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Arguably the greatest beer found on the West Coast of Canada, particularly on Vancover Island, British Columbia at the low price of $30 for a flat (24 beers). BC Lager's appearance is a gold can with two dancing bears, leading many people to call BC Lager "The Dancing Bear". Despite being the greatest beer on the West Coast, it does lose some credibility because it is a very obscure beer. Mostly Vancouver Island rednecks consume BC Lager making it less genuine.
Redneck Vancouver Islander one - Wanna go out tonight buddy?

Redneck Vancouver Islander two- I'm flat broke man, I can't afford beer because gas prices are too high and can't fill up my truck.

RVI one - Ahhh don't worry about it, we'll just get a flat of BC Lager for cheap.

RVI two - That sounds like a great idea to me! I love drinking out of that gold can with the two dancing bears!

RVI one - Yeah you do! By the way, BC Lager is making a commercial about the two dancing bears!
by SLK Creighton April 10, 2011
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