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- can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or a complete sentence that explains itself.

1. for an idividual to randomly appear on the scene of any set or setting of anything situation; even if the indvidual has nothing to do with the particular situation

2. to celebrate

3. to interupt; and/or agree to disagree

4. to Confuse

Jim's status: I Hate wen ppl act stupid

Jane's response: you know Jim..I hate that too

Jim's follow-up: thanks jane!

Jane's follow-up: ......

(this conversation can last forever, but here's a fix)

Random Rob's input: BBBOOOOOMMMMM!!!!

When ANY Thing GOOD or bad happens.

yell "BBBOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!" like a soccer(football)

announcer yells GGGGOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!
by Frank Balogna June 19, 2010
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