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This is a person that you find utterly repulsive, everything about them just seems to be ridiculous. This could be a guy three cubicles down from you that refuses to put on deodorant and has a mangy, greasy ponytail. This could be a lady that thinks she is extremely attractive and wears clothes from the girls section of baby gap; except this girl looks like she ate children from the girls section of the baby gap. This could be an older women who is large and in charge, who not only refuses to not cover her 50+ year old cleavage, but will not keep her massive self out of her 15 year old granddaughters closet. Girls that dip.......thats all I have to say about that.
Fat girls that are eating ice cream and a hot dog, then talking about how they are gonna go on a diet.

B.A.R.F.(Big Aggressive Ridiculously Fat)
by Dr. J ready to play January 13, 2010
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