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noun plural. A rather large group of tight-knit friends from the city of BERKELEY CALIFORNIA!!!! Most of the posse have known eachother for their whole lives. They are like one big fun-loving family. You may have seen them in the early ninetees touring around on the now "Legendary" Heaven Bus. You can still find members of the posse enjoying eachother's company at places like the "Friendship House" in B-Town by Peet's Coffee, or playing Takra at the park on Tuesdays in the summertime. Or you may have been lucky enough to catch the side show they put on at Reggae on the River (which is now Reggae Rising) every year. Tremendous team spirit and mad love are what this posse/family are all about.
It's summertime!, round up the B-Town Posse! Let's go to a hot spring on the Heaven Bus.
I got my ticket to Reggae, is the whole B-Town Posse comming or what?
by DJ Willow from Paris August 24, 2007
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