The Embarrasement of Mattapoisett, A place they should just give away. This st. is so disgusting i dont believe New Bedford would take it, Smells like Pot, Looks like shit, worst st. out of whole tri town. Mattapoisett keeps B Islands crime quiet and dosent put it in the police logs, so there crime rate can stay low. The only street in tri town the year after year has some violent crime. This st. is just a bunch of poor people mixed with few stupid fukn rich people who complain bout the crime but still r dum enough to stay there. It is a dump.
Zone 1-Poor people
Zone 2-Crime spot
Zone 3-rich nagging people
My guess is that 85% of population is on welfare or has been on welfare. One of the dumpiest streets ive been down. Embarrasing
Kid 1- Yo nigga we better head i never seen this place before, aint we in Mattapoisett.

Kid- Ya nigga i heard bout this place yo it called B Island rd. real shit goes down here lets peace.
by MTCKL January 9, 2009
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