A creepy, older (>45 year old) gentlman (gentlewoman) who stalks and keeps tabs on younger men and women before they hit puberty. Not quite a pedophile as busting a B Duenas does not require sexual acts.

It does require a finesse and technique in recon, spying .

These individuals are very difficult to recognize in the field as they act like regular human beings. However, there are a few signs and tells such as increase in eye size when calling their name, no eye contact when confronting them and terrible humor.
Man, don't be such a B Duenas (or BD).

Dude, did you just bust a B Duenas on that 12 year old boy?

Man, you're such a B Duenas, stop staring at that little boy pee.
by BRIAN DUENAS October 17, 2014
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