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Ayania is a girl that don’t give af what u think about her CUTE AF don’t mess with her or she gon beat yo ahh 🤦🏾 ♀️❗️She nice she like to talk about people to make u laugh ...SHE A NICE PERSON TO TALK TO ❤️She don’t like NO LYING AHH NIGGAH..PERIODTT SIS DONT GET YO AHH BEAT
Ayania don’t give af don’t get yo ahh beat
by Cookie.thatgirl June 05, 2019
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A caring Loving girl any guy would be lucky to have. If she's yours u better treat her right cuz she will leave you in a second. She's pretty, caring, funny, and lovable...And she a lil freak
Guy 1: Wow that girl is cute!
Guy 2: Tru, must be an A'yania
by Greatguy9000 February 25, 2017
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