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A guy who is beyond the definition of creeper. A person who likes to drink his brother's nosebleed blood and craves women's blood because it arouses his sexual emotions. Certain girls make him salivate and he wants to have sex with them while drinking their blood.

He friend requests you on facebook and starts stalking you. He claims he loves you and he out of nowhere shows up at your house saying that he just knew that it was your house by its "essence" and stands outside your window throwing things at it.

He is overly dramatic and talks like he's in the 16th century.

He is color-blind and in love with Twilight and claims to be Edward Cullen and his victims to be Bella Swan.

He has a theory of "perfect Christianity" that involves everyone loving everyone and he thinks that a blue/purple dress is red.
OMG this creeper stood outside my window for TWO HOURS just staring into my room and asking to talk to me last night!!!!!!

by Victim's friend February 26, 2009
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