A semi-fictional criminal organization that has appeared in a few martial arts films. There was a real Axe Gang in Shanghai between the 1920's and 1940's. The Axe Gang deals with bribery, extortion, trafficking, casino, racketeering, smuggling, bootleg, prostitution, gambling, and piracy. The Axe Gang has control over the city of Shanghai and carry axes wherever they go. The are usually dressed in all black suits, vests, shoes, ties and some members even wear top hats. The Axe Gang is run in a way very similar to the Italian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, and the Chinese Triads (Chinese Underground/Secret Society). These men are armed at all times and extremely dangerous. Gangs that are very similar to the Axe Gang have been appearing in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore.
Person 1: Hey loser, do you know you look like a total idiot in that top hat?

Axe Gang Member: Do you know what an axe looks like when it's chucked in your skull?

Person 1: In a matter of fact, I think that hat is pretty cool now. I want one too...
by DjAsianTech November 5, 2010
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