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A hand gesture made by placing four fingers on a surface with the middle finger straight out to resemble a dinosaur similar to a brontosaurus. Used in an awkward situation to release the tension. Very similar to the Awkward Turtle. This was created by fringe characters Jade and Lukalicious during the TV show 'Psych'

When telling a joke that no one gets, one can sometimes get a laugh by using the awkward retarded dinosaur in conjunction with a "wooof"

The 'woooof' can be replaced with any farmyard animal sound that indicates the awkward dinosaur is too retarded to know what sound it should make

variations include "awkward retarded crocodile" (accompanied by a crocodile hand gesture that has jaws that do not allign when closed)
question: "Hey guys knock knock?"
response: "I fucking hate those jokes"

*crickets chirping*

passer by: "awkward retarded dinosaur...wooooof" with awkward dinosaur gesture creates laughter.
by benjamin e August 07, 2010
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