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When you masterbate in you bathroom, and you are constantly cock blocked by a family member that wants to shit. They will yell, knock, pretty much suck the mood right out of you, and if they yell and knock hard enough, you will just cum all over the place, so in a sick sense, you couldve finished to your, baby sister, little sister, little brother, baby brother, mother, father, grandma, grandpa, uncles and aunts! you couldve finished to their voices, makin you a freak!
Guy 1 (jacking off) O yeah! Almost done


Mom: (from other door) HURRY UP!

Guy 1: O shit! To much excitement! AHHH! (money shot)

Mom: What was that?

Guy 1: NOthing mom, you just did the Awkward Cockblock.

Mom: What?

Guy 1: NOthing...
by UN-luckyJACKER69 March 16, 2010
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