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a symbol of awkwardness, popularized by the infamous megan, which is done by placing both hands above each ear like bunny ears, only to suddenly and unexpectedly have one "ear" cocked down by folding your hand. This gives a look of a confused or awkward bunny. Usually a vacant expression accompanies the awkward bunny. Also accompanied by an awkward moment, of awkward silence or uncomfortable laughter. Do not try to attempt a one eared awkward bunny; it only works with two. Do not attempt to high five while doing the awkward bunny as it may cause hemorrhaging. Similar to the awkward turtle.
dude: I havent gotten any chicks lately because of my steel toed boots.
megan: oh ya? My friend sabrina here will have your babies, she loves steel toed boots.
dude: Uhh...
sabrina: (indecipherable mumbling)
by S a b February 18, 2008
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