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Following an awkward moment or conversation, one stands up abruptly from a seated position, and tunefully sings " and a partridge in a pear tree" . To the tune of "12 days of Christmas" (popular Christmas song). The song must be accompanied by awkward flailing and flapping of ones arms at eye level or higher. The moment is completed when one abrubtly drops back into their seat.

In the event of one standing up to begin with, one must sit on the floor quickly, leap up to perfrom the 'awkward partridge' and drop back to a cross legged position on the floor.
Man - (gets down on one knee) 'Will you marry me?'
Woman - ' I know you?'
Man - (abruptly leaps up) '....and a partridge in a pear treeee' and sits back down.
Woman - "Awkward Partridge" !
by ILoveChickenBagels November 15, 2011
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