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When a male convinces a male or female friend to give him a hand job. It is an emotionless act, and is purely a mechanical action. The friend is guilted into performing the act, usually being unenthusiastic and employing sloppy technique. As neither party is interested, the receiver usually finds it difficult to maintain an erection, and climax is rarely achieved.

Neither party benefits from this transaction, and it is usually considered the low point of any friendship. This uncomfortable incident usually leads to a brief hiatus in the friendship while both parties come to terms with their awkward feelings of guilt/shame.

An awkward hand job may be used a form of currency or bartering system for minor favors or small amounts of money.

Used in conversation as "AHJ".
Example (Awkward Hand Job):

Person 1: I can pay you back that money I owe you next friday!

Person 2: It's fine, just give me an AHJ and we'll call it quits.

Person 1: ... fine... :-/
by kevseany August 04, 2012
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