Derogatory name for the pop punk poser that is Avril Lavigne. Used by those who think she is a hypocritical fake. Seems to think that by wearing Hot Topic and sticking two fingers up occasionally she is a hardcore punk.
Avril lover: "I love the new Avril Lavigne album.
Avril hater: "You mean Avril Latrine?"
by C.H. July 18, 2005
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A weird, imaginay person some jealous asshole came up with when he/she couldn't think of any way to diss music artist, Avril Lavigne. A name that is used to create crappy parodies of her original songs under. Oh how droll...
Avril Latrine? WTF?

Listen to REAL music from a REAL person, guys. Avril LAVIGNE rocks!
by nickchik April 18, 2006
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