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The Average Business Man/Woman, that carries out the same activity every day for their entire lives. They appear to have robot-like charictoristics.

They are seen to clog the roads during rush hour in their almost identical boring saloon cars, mainly black 2 litre audi's, and seem to look exactly the same as eachother in their suits, with an expressionless, mainly shaven face, who show no sign of human life between waking up at 6:30 and arriving home at 7:00.

They generally lead a boring and repetative life, end up divorcing and growing old without acheiving much in life.
Person1: "Hey! look at all those audi's clogging the motoways, they seem to all be following the same pattern"
Person2: "Is it me, or do they all look like Mr Smith from the matrix"
Person1: "They're all like robots!

*looks closer*
"Ahh they're just Average Drone's, clogging up the motorway"
Person2: "who's idea was it to set off in rush hour!?..."
by adtrsean May 17, 2010
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