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A masturbation technique in which the male wraps his hand around his raised leg and pleasures himself with a reverse over-hand grip in order to allow "down under exploration" of the anus with the thumb. This technique was first pioneered by the native Aborigines of the continent. The Australian Western Grip allows for dual stimulation of both the penis and the anus. It was first imported to the US by a local jew named Eric AKA "The Professor of Funny Business".
Person A: "....and that was the first time I tore my ACL.. and the second time I got crabs."
Person B: "Oh straight"
Person C: "Wait can you tell the story again?"
Person A: I got cock-blocked last night so i went home and used the Australian Western Grip and it was totally awesome. Too bad i slipped on a banana peel and tore my ACL."
Person B: "Shits Weak."
by Boys Club March 18, 2009
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