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Austrailian Swirly

Australian Swirly (awstrailiyan Swurli) Verb- this sex act requires a bathroom and a very willing very skinny light girl girl. First you must take a nice poop in the toilet maybe even take a few every day and not flush them so there is a build up. Next you get your petite women over to your house and stick her head in the toilet, you proceed to continually flush the toilet, making the poop swish around in her face, Next after all the poop is flushed down, you fist this girl and let her spin around in the toilet. When you are done with this maneuver, you next drag your very sick bitch into another room, sit down on a spinning office chair, spin the office chair very fast and fuck her while spinning until she throws up. Next you put her in the office chair and push her down a steep flight of stairs.
"Hey Ross I gave this girl an Austrailian Swirly the other day, it was fun and all but the throw up was a bitch to clean"
by bkellz June 10, 2009
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