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a person who can overcome any obstacle in life; an Auston Suarez is the new age Hercules. If your are one then your probably a natural blonde, and naturally good at most extreme sports. You have plenty of scars and stories to go along with them. Ladies find you interesting but sometimes a little bit intimidating to approach due to the fact that your around other ladies all the time as well. But don't worry, an Auston Suarez can talk to several women at once. They also might end up with your girlfriends cell phone numbers for later reconciliation.
Swag like Auston Suarez.
Get her Auston Suarez.
I'm Auston Suarez.
I get it done Auston Suarez style.
I'm Auston Suarez B****

I'm goin for a run. AUSTON SUAREZ.
"Mommy, my tummy hurts", "It's ok honey, Auston Suarez."
Did you get the beer? Auston Suarez! Sweet big dawg
by whoDATkidd November 05, 2011
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