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Regional university located in Clarksville, Tennessee, on land which has been used for educational purposes since 1806. APSU offers majors in programs as diverse as Agriculture, Business, Computers, Education, Nursing, Theater & Dance, etc. Currently the fastest growing university in Tennessee.
H.S. student #1: Where are you applying to college?
H.S. student #2: Austin Peay State University - I want to major in Psychology. What about you?
H.S. student #1: Me, too - I want to major in Physics.
by JKHero January 29, 2009
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Located in Clarksville, Tennessee, off of the banks of the Cumberland River (i.e. Nashville's sewer), Austin Peay State University (APSU) is a four year public university to attend when one has just enough money to join the exodus out of Memphis, Tennessee, but not quite enough to escape Tennessee itself. APSU retains an environment where music, art, the humanities, and academic dishonesty (in "dem tuff classes") are greatly appreciated as STEM departments at APSU dramatically lower their standards so that students cannot fail on campus. A diploma from APSU will definitely make you stand out wellβ€”like an un-robbed house in Memphis. However, good luck anywhere else on Earth! Let's go Peay!
I want to attend Austin Peay State University so that I can walk alone on an empty, silent, freezing, windy campus, smell the Cumberland River's sewage, listen to the highways' traffic, eat at the extremely limited dining facilities on campus, succeed in my classes that do not prepare me for anything, and get an APSU diploma that will only land me a minimum wage job for the rest of my life. Let's go Peay!
by 7even 4our 1ne September 03, 2019
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