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1. An enhanced interrogation technique, notoriously employed at the abu-Ghraib prison, involving the pulling of the scrotum and anal cavity in opposite directions, with the goal of inflicting pain to a suspect's crotch region. Unlike with typical torture methods, any information obtained through this practice will be admissible in a criminal proceeding, as it is as an exception to the "fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine".

2. A long-term medical condition, typically caused by successful subjection to such a technique.
For determining attenuation of the taint, see People v. Thomas (1980) 112 Cal.App.3d 980, 986 (observing that “what constitutes ‘exploitation’ on the one hand and what fact or facts will lead a court to say that the taint has become attenuated, cannot be determined by pressing a button: the answer depends on reason and precedent.”)
by filthy_kozinski January 17, 2010
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