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A horrible idea developed to combine several movements: atheism, feminism, L.G.B.T., social justice, and skepticism. The idea is poor because:

1) These individual movements have differing frames of reference and goals
2) It seeks to divide established groups into a minority of minorities

-Not all atheists are skeptics, not all skeptics are feminist, not all feminist and atheist, etc.
3) It alienates supporters of each movement, which likely outnumbers the A+ members in all cases.

-Example: feminism moving to A+ would alienate religious feminist

Atheism only address one question, is belief in a deity or deities supported by evidence, which is why it’s powerful. Atheism does not provide a world view about how to live nor should it. There are existing terms for these other movements and the combination of all social justice issues. It’s called “social equality” and” humanism”. Atheism plus is a divisive movement started by short sighted-power seeking Prima Donnas looking to hijack and existing movement (atheism) for personal glory and intellectual bigotry.
Let’s all join atheism plus so we can sit on our high-horses and talk shit about everyone else.

Instead of helping millions of dying Africans by spreading atheism and promoting the use of condoms, let’s join the feminist, slow the progress of atheism by alienating members, and promote internal bickering.
by exodortch July 04, 2013
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A bunch of frauds. Despite having atheist in its name it really isn't atheism at all. Their goal is to subvert atheism with the religion of feminist indoctrination and bitch about non existent misogyny.

To these people any legitimate questioning of feminists and female privilege is grounds for calling anyone a misogynist. Atheism Plus is really nothing more then an attempt at co-opting the meaning of atheism.
Atheism Plus is nothing more than dogmatic feminists trying to commandeer the atheist movement. This will set back Atheism for decades if these usurpers gain popularity.
by Oolon_Colluphid September 03, 2012
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Proof that atheism is bullshit. Now that atheism has grown in America (aka dumbass land) it's going through all the evolution that religions experience and is branching out. The other definitions here (clearly from atheists) show that the bickering between atheists has just begun. What they used to mock religions for (having too many sects) is now what they do and it's ironic.
Atheism Plus, proof that atheism is bullshit.
by Skialian January 09, 2014
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Atheism Plus designates spaces, persons, and groups dedicated to promoting social justice along with skepticism and critical thinking, and countering misogyny, racism, homophobia/biphobia/transphobia, ableism and other such bigotry inside and outside of the atheist community.
Atheism as such includes none of those ideas, being merely a lack of belief in gods (or the stronger contention that gods don't exist); Atheism Plus is essentially an answer to the "now what" question that focuses on treating prejudice as woo.

"We are...
Atheists PLUS we care about social justice,
Atheists PLUS we support women’s rights,
Atheists PLUS we protest racism,
Atheists PLUS we fight homophobia and transphobia,
Atheists PLUS we use critical thinking and skepticism."

"It’s time for a new wave of atheism ... that cares about how religion affects everyone and that applies skepticism to everything, including social issues like sexism, racism, politics, poverty, and crime."

(Jen McCreight)
by Grinning Cat June 11, 2017
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Well it's done wonders already for exposing atheism for the bullshit that it is. As the definitions here reveal, atheists have an irrational hatred towards, not only religion but feminism too. The definition here claiming misogyny (hatred of women) is non-existent and the thumbs up on it speaks volumes about the delusional world of the atheist. Misogyny is a real thing but in the mainly-male movement of new atheism, women don't get mistreated. Only gays and atheists get mistreated in the atheist's misogynistic, anti-religious and biphobic world. It shouldn't be a surprise that many atheists are gay.

Feminism rose in response to the mistreatment of women throughout history. Atheists claim that their "new" movement arose to the religious oppression throughout history but they are quick to attack feminism even though it's founded on the same premise as the illogical atheism movement, that premise being that it's a response to what once occurred in huge numbers and still does in some places around the world. The problem with the atheist movement however is that (like with the definitions here) it generalizes and dehumanizes religious people based on the actions of a few. Atheists use the biggest logical fallacies in debate and also exhibit and advocate the same hatred, bigotry and intolerance some religious fundamentalists are guilty of.
Atheists have a gripe with religion which they think is a lie but they are quick to advocate their own evidenceless naturalistic world-view which is based on blind faith. The atheist world view is a negative one asserting that there is no god. It either claims the universe is eternal (which is debunked and the cosmology of the debunked steady state theory) or that it proceeded from nothingness (which is illogical). It claims life arose from non-life in what is known as the abiogenesis hypothesis which is evidenceless and it denies the fine tuning of the universe.

Atheism plus has actually been detrimental to the atheist movement as atheists are now fighting among themselves which is hilarious.
by Skialian January 23, 2014
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