A horrible idea developed to combine several movements: atheism, feminism, L.G.B.T., social justice, and skepticism. The idea is poor because:

1) These individual movements have differing frames of reference and goals
2) It seeks to divide established groups into a minority of minorities

-Not all atheists are skeptics, not all skeptics are feminist, not all feminist and atheist, etc.
3) It alienates supporters of each movement, which likely outnumbers the A+ members in all cases.

-Example: feminism moving to A+ would alienate religious feminist

Atheism only address one question, is belief in a deity or deities supported by evidence, which is why it’s powerful. Atheism does not provide a world view about how to live nor should it. There are existing terms for these other movements and the combination of all social justice issues. It’s called “social equality” and” humanism”. Atheism plus is a divisive movement started by short sighted-power seeking Prima Donnas looking to hijack and existing movement (atheism) for personal glory and intellectual bigotry.
Let’s all join atheism plus so we can sit on our high-horses and talk shit about everyone else.

Instead of helping millions of dying Africans by spreading atheism and promoting the use of condoms, let’s join the feminist, slow the progress of atheism by alienating members, and promote internal bickering.
by exodortch July 4, 2013
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