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A name for a person who has a resume for being fired all the time and sits on the computer all day searching for upcoming asteroids that might hit the earth, conspiracy theories of complete bullshit and proof of ghosts and aliens, etc. often tries to explain it to you over loud music that rattles the windows. Dont ask this person for anything because the answer is always ''no!''
Tuesday, 2:30 a.m.

Asteroid Fantasy: "Wow! Vatican struck by lightning hours after Pope resigns!"
Someone: "cool, turn the fuckin music down dude I can barely hear myself talk, let alone you!"
Asteroid Fantasy: "I'm fuckin mind blown!" (turns the music down and takes a drink of beer) "Can I get a hit? it's been a long stressful day and a hit would be wonderful right now."
Someone: (sighs) ya... here... just don't burn it all (hands him the pipe thinking about how lame that excuse to get a hit was)
Someone else: "Can I have a smoke?"

Asteroid Fantasy: "No!" (hits the pipe)
Someone: "I'm goin to bed"
Asteroid Fantasy and Someone else: "Goodnight man see you in the morning."
Asteroid Fantasy: "Wow look at this!" (clicking on his computer)
Someone: "It was an Asteroid Fantasy ladies and gentlemen" (as if he were talking to a crowd of people while on a podium to make fun of him before going to sleep)
Someone Else: "Haha!" (backs up Someone with another quote) "Good morning this is Asteroid Fantasy with breaking news..."
Asteroid Fantasy: "Whatever" (turns the music back up while Someone tries to go to sleep)
Someone Else: "Ya I hope the neighborhood likes this song or if not the sheriffs might like it if we are lucky"
by Dirt Bikes and Glass Pipes April 03, 2013
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