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A person that talks so much shit, that there face to you looks like an ass. They are cocky, but unattractive, yet they think they are the shit. They are commonly mistaken for duchebags, but dont be fooled.
Chris mundy thinks he is the shit, but everyone knows he is an asshole faceman.
by Shadacancer May 01, 2010
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A man with an asshole for a face...Don't believe me? Watch Love Guru.
Danny: You're on drugs again aren't you?
Tim: YEESS, assholefaceman!
by D2BD2B January 04, 2009
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1.a man or woman who has a face with so many dimples it looks like the person has many assholes in there face.

also it is a verb.
2. if a person gets a hole in there face by something like a punch or sumthing then they are geting assholefacemaned... 3.or if someone is beating someone up so much in there face .
1. wow look at those dimples..yea he is an assholefaceman
2. omg he is getting assholefacemanned by that bodybuilder
3. jeez tht guy is rlly getting his faced assholefacemanned
by alex15din December 07, 2010
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