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A highly volatile liquid solution that is constructed through extracting chemicals from rare plants and the distillation of sulfur lakes. Ass Rinse is designed to extinguish any putrid foulness emanating anywhere from the receding testicle to the anal protuberance. Once applied, special care must be taken to prevent anal cracking, a condition which may cause full septic shock and internal bleeding if not treated immediately. The benefits of Ass Rinse far outweigh the risks though, as nothing is more important than getting rid of 'dat stank.
After two weeks of heavy antibiotics, Ed's infection still didn't clear up. His hairy pubic regions along with his generous weight allowed for retention of fecal matter and kept his infection fresh and moist. It was agreed upon, for the sake of those around him, that Ass Rinse would be administered; a product for any odorous ailment. Under intensive care, the infection cleared up in two hours after application.
by Pillar Nasty September 07, 2016
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