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An individual plagued by a chronic disorder know as Assaholisim; an obsession or repeated mention of all that is ass. This poor individual will reference anal at least 4 times in a conversation and has also been rumored to have a slight Asian fetish. Some signs of being an Assaholic include:

· Excessive tutting.

· An extreme fondness for piffle plants.

· Casual use of ^^ symbols.

· They have also been known to cohabit with chinchillas.

If you ever encounter an Assaholic it is recommended you remove all kippers from your person and proceed with caution.
Innocent lil thang: "GEH!! Where is my belt!?"

Creeper: "Maybe it's in your ass!"

Innocent lil thang: "...Why would it be in my ass?"

Creeper: "Too much anal?"

Innocent lil thang: "You are such an Ass·a·holic."
by technosquid October 17, 2010
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