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Ass to boob ratio. A term used by film makers to determine how well an actress acts. The formula is : 3.13-2:3.15-1.7.
To determine a woman's ass ratio you must measure the ass in inches by placing measuring tape around the ass:30-40 inches is a 2.7-3.13 in the ass rating. 10-19 inches is a lesser ass rating. In between is just fine.
To determine a woman's boob ratio you must simply know her cup size since modern advancements in booboligy. However, if you do not have her measurements you can use that measuring tape to find the circumference of her boobs: In centimeters: 71.1cm is a lesser boob rating, can be adjustable although. 90cm-101.6cm is a 2.9-3.13. Anything in between is just fine. The ratios must be identical or 1.2 points apart.
Perfect ratio: 2.8-3:2.9-3.1
A(Ass)*B(Boob)*10=Hotness Rating
by The REAL Ass King September 09, 2010
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