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The biggest continent in the world, Asia will someday dominate the world, somehow.

Either everyone in the world has asian blood or just beat everyones asses until only asians are left.Someday everybody in the world will have asian blood in them no matter how small the amout. Theres China, India, Russia, Phillipines, Japan, Korea,Sri Lanka,Vietnam,Taiwan,Thailand, Singapore, Iraq,Isreal ( yes Jesus was Asian), and only so much more

<Chris.E> hey guys i just found out i'm asian!
<Nellwyn> But your white. white people can't be asian!

<Chris.E> Well my great grandfather was chinese so im 12% asian and besides im Lebanese so white people CAN be asian!

<Nellwyn> Fuck yo that's Asian Domination!
by xXNoobskiXx May 04, 2009
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