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By use of technology, cleaning tools, or school supplies, an asian man or woman(most likely a man) rapes any gender. Use of robots and brooms are very popular with this, allowing brothers/fathers to exact pleasure through driving the broom up the womans anus or vagina, causing them to react in either two ways: they turn around in shock and start pummeling the man. or they moan with pleasure and allow it to continue.
"Asian ass rape again?! Chang, we talked about this!"
by Clue_Less_Bro September 02, 2017
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Asian Ass Rape is when you drive an RC with the intenna pointing forward so the intenna will penetrate your partners/friends bootyhole
IF|Clue_Less_Bro: hold up gotta add asian ass rape to the urban dictionary
by creativeNoriginal September 01, 2017
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