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Mostly consists of white kids, a brazillion here n there, and like 5 n a half black kids. everyone u meet there is a stoner, go up to some1 and ask them to blaze n 9/10 times they'll say hellz yes n 7/10 times they'll even match you. there the usual social group as like any other school. lotta jocks, gay preps, skaters, nerds ect. the girls there dress mad slutty but hardly ever put out, you havta drive to framingham if you want to get laid. principal is mr cummings.. seriously never become a fuckin principle if ur last name is cummings, its 2 easy. teachers suck, to the crack head math teachers to the 50 replacment english teachers cuz they always getting knocked up and going on maternity leave. ashland aint that bad tho, i mean we got the skate park..o wait.. well we have the rope swing?...o ya they cut that down...well we have a train station?....god we suck..
where do you go to school?

ashland highschool... sorry
by rawwrrrr August 26, 2008
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