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*The voice reading this in your head is by Morgan Freemen*

When you get your ass handed to you by the As Bandits like an asian maid on a nice springy day when you have the flu due to you finding out that you have chlamydia because you had sex with that dirty trailer park whore you found attractive when you had your beer goggles on, in any multi-playing video game. Such as. . .

• Guitar Hero
• Call Of Duty (Every Single One B*tch!)
Skate ( All 3 of them b*tches)


Well you get the point, but in other nicely words. . .
Kill Yourself
*A clan in regular COD pre-game lobby after playing against the As Bandits*
Guy 1: What the fu*ck just happened?
Guy 2: I don't know, we used riot shields, we tried camping, we did everything but nothing!
Random Guy Who Was Listening: Sh*t! You got As Bandit'd to?
Guy 1: Yeah, those nuggers.
Guy 2: Wait. . . What!?
Guy 1: I mean niggers
by As Bandits May 10, 2012
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