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Okay, as of late, it seems like the hip, unique kids nowadays are dichotomized in to two categories: the scenesters and the indie kids. These kids generally aspire to a dogma comprised of interest in relatively unknown bands (basically anything not in the top 40), Urban Outfitters (possibly hypocritical in nature?) and thrift store chic. They are mostly culturally repressed Northerners (in terms of America).

However, let's be real. Who honestly cares about what music you listen to, unless you are a scenester or indie kid?

Artist kids, basically kids who are artists, ooze a natural uniqueness and creativity. They are generally easy-going people, who shift in and out of the indie and mainstream scene, whatever floats their boat. They can be fashionable or they may not be.

What does distinguish them though is their innate originality and creativity, something that most of humanity lacks.

They don't think like the rest of the world. They tend to be over critical, however, and perhaps slightly insane (due to paint fumes?). But that makes them the more interesting.

It's not a look or an interest that distinguishes the artist kids, but rather their own talent. Think of them as the band that those scenesters and indie kids worship -- forever above them on a pedestal of love and win.
Bernard: "Look at the kid all covered in paint."
La Toya: "Oh, gosh, must be an artist kid. I wish I were him."
Barnard: "Let's go rub him and hope that some of his talent comes off on us!"
by Cathe November 04, 2007
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