Arthur Brooke is the author or Romeus and Juliet, which William Shakespeare has "borrowed" from. Basically, Romeo and Juliet is Romeus and Juliet, however, Brooke's Romeus and Juliet was published two years before Shakespeare published his Romeo and Juliet poem. All that is different in Arthur's play is that, the days of the play is lengthened and Juliet is older. A great way to lead us in wondering if Shakespeare really did his play.
Student A: Wow, I can't believe Shakespeare can think of such a good play... Romeo and Juliet was so sad..awww...
Student B: I know, but there's another guy named Arthur Brooke and generally he kinda wrote the play, Shakespeare kinda used it...weird huh?
Student A: Oh, damn.
by SimplyAlice AkA Chiichiko October 19, 2005