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The smartest person on the face of the planet. Artemis is Irish. As of 2010, he is 15 years old and nobody, not even the great child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has had a superior intellect.

Son of Artemis Fowl the first and Angeline Fowl, he comes from a family of criminal masterminds, and is said to have the highest IQ in Europe (estimated 200). Anyone who runs into him will be immediately hit with a vocabulary and intellect so large that you will instantly be afraid of him and his "vampire smile". He detests physical labor.

Master of psychology, music, art, chess, and many other subjects/ activities, Artemis Fowl also goes by the names F. Roy Dean Schillpe, Stefan Bashkir, Emnesy Squire, and many others.

Artemis, at the age of 15, was 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighed 55 kilograms, and still managed to be the smartest person in Europe. He has dark, "raven-colored" hair, and deep blue eyes like his father.

He is the main character of the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, though he is said to actually exist.
"Artemis Fowl the Second is on my fanfiction site!"

"No he's not, he can't be!"
"Well, he's got the highest IQ ever. I'm sure he could figure out a way to get on whatever site he wants."
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by FMF Crazy for Colfer April 10, 2011
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