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A communities embodying “dynamic decentralized resilience” providing for their own security, their own power generation, possibly even their own food, by forming local cooperative collectives. Armored Suburbs will deploy and maintain backup generators and communications links; they will be patrolled by civilian police auxiliaries that have received corporate training and boost their own state-of-the-art emergency response systems. The need for Armored Suburbs will become increasingly apparent as the nation state extracts increasing levels of resources while failing to provide basic security, a stable currency, and other essential public goods. The death of the nation state will lead to anarchic responses by many, but will also lead to networked, self-sufficient, local communities that will step into the breach abandoned by the bankrupt nation state. The rise of Armored Suburbs will preserve the Western heritage of political and economic freedom in response to these upcoming challenges.

A related concept is the "resilient community".

The concept of the Armored Suburb is derived from the writing of John Robb, William Lind, and indirectly to Martin van Creveld.
"When the United States became a failed state in the mid-21st century, most of the population died off, but some survived and prospered in Armored Suburbs."
by Hope-Amidst-the-Rubble March 10, 2009
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