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America's only true enemy, these bears are unstoppable in every sense of the word. Well, ALMOST any sense. By that I mean the one man alone, or should I say, the two fists together that can defeat this Armored AIDS menace. This man is Woodrow Wilson, America's 28th president. Back at ye olde peace conference in France or whatever, this discovery was made. The conference was stormed by Bears of the Armored AIDS variety, and everyone fled for their lives, except for brave Woodrow. He then developed his legendary double punch technique on the fly, he followed his instincts and aimed for what he knew was the Bear's weak-spot. Right in his Armored AIDS throat! Realizing that these bears would never cease to pursue him, he concocted his unstoppable 14-point plan. This plan consisted of punching these bears in their 14 vital points. All of which are the throat. That would be, let's see, hmmm.... 7 double punches folks!!!
At a lowly insignificant peace conference, a new threat surfaced. And from its Armored AIDS ashes, a hero arose.
Dude did you hear that Woodrow Wilson let that other guy at the peace conference get mauled just because he thought it was funny? But then punched the bear so hard in the throat, that the other guy resurrected from the dead and became the new Jesus?

Yeah, me neither. Furthermore, armored aids bears
by Jacques Charlot July 10, 2008
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