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An Armenian noodle dip is when a man and woman are enagaged in sexual acts and as the man is about to cum he is standing up and holding the girl from the back of the neck where her face is right in front of the dick. the girl would then pout her lips for a few fun-filled cockslaps to lips and face until he is ready to cum. Right before the man cums he sticks the tip of his penis in the left nostril and cums, and the cum goes up and dips down the throat where you can play around with or pull it from eather side. (can be put in the right nostril but preferably the left)
Haig: Yeah so like i banged the shit out of her right?
Jon: Yeah..then what?
Haig: i saved my cum and thought should i give this bitch the armenian noodle dip?
Haig: you know i did.
by Allllllex August 09, 2006
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