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An Arizona Border Burrito is when a Caucasian and a Mexican position their asses together, like the border between the US and Mexico, and then shit in unison until both piles of feces blend together. Then the Mexican scoops up the combined feces and places it into a corn tortilla and rolls it tightly. The Mexican then shoves the rolled burrito into the Caucasians ass and ensures a good fit with just a bit of penetration. Then Caucasian shits the rolled burrito back out and feeds it to the the mexican.

1. Caucasian
1. Mexican
1. Corn tortilla
An Arizona Border Burrito should be served warm, with a side of guacamole and sour cream. This dish is typically served in small Arizona border towns. Ask for it by name.
Hey Kip, I heard you like the Arizona Border Burrito that they serve down at the VFW...
by litmuch June 14, 2014
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