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In the deep night when you're all alone walking down shady streets with the rain paving the sidewalk, you better stay away from any alley-ways if you are a girl. For if you do a little stupid fuckboy cunt with hair that sam fucking pepper would call autistic will jump out and try to with your pussy with his fat ugly fucking nose. Run and scream as much as you can and clutch your hood as hard as humanly possible or this fucking retarded dick hole ass hat will grab it and accidentally choke you to death. If you are slightly stronger than a fly than be sure to hit him anywhere but his torso because he apparently has a giant pussy the size of his ego on his back that makes him have to wear a stupid fucking brace that he uses to protect him from the little fucking girls he rapes with his dick the size of his intelligence AKA smaller than an electron. Other than that he is one of the weakest things on the planet and is such a failure of existence that conforms to any dumb shit he barely even comes close to being called a human. He looks like an ad for bronzer sponsored by the show jersey shore and should fucking kill himself but doesn't know how.
Person A: I meet Aris.
Person B: What happened?
Person A: He keep trying to bottle flip and whip while flirting with me until I ran away.
Person B: If you see him again tell him about a new dance craze called drinking bleach.
Person A: Will it work.
Person B: If he learns how to drink first.
Person A: Aristotle Koutlemantis is a cunt.
by pussyslayer69*420 March 23, 2017
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