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When arguing with someone and the other party distracts the topic by resorting to appeals of emotion, belief and other logical fallacies.
The conversation gets caught in a loop. As it reads on the back of a shampoo bottle at the end of the instructions...rinse and repeat.
"X must exist. I just saw a poll that says 90% of all Americans believe in X."

"99% of everyone once thought the world was flat. They had no evidence and were proven wrong by people who sought the truth."

"X must exist! If X did not exist, then the world would be a horrible place!"

"You'll be able to move on. Its only in your mind that X influences your life."

"I acknowledge that I have no argument for the existence of X. However, I have a great desire for X to exist. Therefore I accept that X exists."

"This is like arguing with a shampoo bottle. You're stuck in a loop of rinse and repeat."
by ynoterdep June 08, 2014
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