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They are an ethnic group of half breeds (Italian/Argentine) from the middle of Indonesia/Sicily and they migrated to Patagonia in Argentina. They set up tents called "All'hupwa", Which is spelled in English how it sounds. Moving as tribes, many Argentine Guidos have their own customs and traditions. One of the most famous rituals is the "Gárgara de Pelotas". It entails the beating of a cowhide while purging the soul by swimming in goat blood and eating dog scrotum. Currently the Argentine Govornment is trying to crack down hard on this ritual because many castrated dogs survive and live unhappy lives and animal rights organizations, such as PETA or the ASPCA, are opposing the natives and their customs.
"Yo look at dos crazy mofos! Dey must b Argentine Guidos or some sh@tt like that."
"Sorry we don't allow Argentine Guidos into this building"
"Please stop castrating my dog. You are like an Argentine Guido or something!!"
by TechnoPsycho October 05, 2009
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