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Archbishop Carroll high school, Aka “Carroll”, is A private, catholic school located outside of Philadelphia in the “main line.” Let’s be honest, there’s nothing fancy about this school tho. To name some positives about Carroll, there’s a 100% chance you won’t leave the bathroom sober. If you can pass an 8th grade math class you’ll be fine at Carroll. However, there’s also a 90% chance you’ll have to walk the whole school to find a bathroom that’s not locked....thanks vapers. Almost impossible to finish a year without a detention. Students are also Stuck with some shitty chromebooks that the administration uses to spy on students. Overall a shitty school for an education but if your trying to spend ur tuition money smoking in the bathroom, this is def the school for you.
Non-Carroll student: Yo bro do u have pods?

Archbishop Carroll high school student: Offc bro, I go to Carroll
by BigBallerRicky12 June 09, 2018
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