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1.Arch Tech: also known as Architectural Technology, an University course paper where students understand how that piece of paper or card can be made into an actual building.

2.Where students are brainwashed into using heat pumps in HVAC lectures.

3.Also used as or referred to as a social outing when it clearly isn't.

4. Where lecturers refuse to reply to emails because they were away on trip.
1. you: "oooh.. so what.. you mean i have to figure out how this building works?"

2. Lecturer: " remember, every $1 gets you $3 of heat energy! It's that simple"

"You cannot use passive heating / cooling, what about if it rains for a few days? You're thermal mass is only at 6, 7 degrees"

you: "ohh man i just got Arch Tech-ed!"

3. friend (Dj , Ranko) : "Hey YO we got this mean party this weekend its going to be BALLLLINGGGG you're coming!!!"

you : "awww naaah man i got this ballllling Arch Tech to hit up its going to be mint asss!!"

4. friend: Hey dude, for Arch Tech have you heard back from Regan or Max? "

you: " Nwaaah maan.. this is bsssssss!!! going to shoot fade-aways in studio"
by Anonymous Masters Student June 07, 2010
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