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A children's anime film about the friendship between a Goat named Mei and a wolf named Gabu. They meet in a barn in the middle of a storm, and cannot see or smell each other (they both conveniently got colds). They speak to eachother throughout the night, and decide to meet again the next day in front of the barn using the codeword "One stormy night" (the film's name in English). They then discover each other's species, but continue to be friends. They are both persecuted for the friendship throughout the film.

Sadly, but unsuprisingly, the fandom for this excelent film seems to be made up mostly of yaoi fangirls who draw rule 34 of the pair (but somehow, the nonsexual yaoi is more disturbing than the rule 34.)
Me: *Is looking on deviantART*
Me: I wonder what the fanartists have made.

*Sees the pair as humans, Frenching*


Example 2:
Me: *Is looking on google images with the keywords "Arashi no Yoru ni rule 34"

Me: Let's see if rule 34 holds true.

*Sees at least 20 images of Mei and Gabu in their origonal forms, buttfucking*

Me: Dohohoho aaaaaggh that slaps me on the knee!

*Changes rule 34 to rule 63*

*Looks at one relevant result*

Me: *Is laughing until I cough up blood and cry stomach acid*
by LNERfan February 03, 2010
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