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When one hikes to the nearest ISIS meat up and disguises himself as an Arabian ISIS member. While disguised, search for a few members who have the nastiest, cheesiest toenails. When least expected, flash bang the few ISIS members and kidnap them. Then, get your toe nail clippers out. Carefully, clinch the toenail clippings onto each individual victim's ass rims and tear off forcefully. After all of the victims ass rims are torn off, clip the men's cheesy toenails. Then, when all the toenails are collected, hold a gun to their heads and force them to intensively scrape each others raw ass hole meat with their partners toe nails, fallowing with forcing them to lick the toenails clean. While this is going on, masterbate to the fact that you are doing your country justice. Finally, bust a nut on your toes and forcefully make the victims chew your toe nails off. In conclusion, you have done your country well and ended terrorism.
I've done this and I feel great about the Justice I have done to end terrorism. Arabian Toenail Clippings.
by Stephen Strumimhimer January 11, 2017
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