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The Arabian Phone Call is when a guy is able to convince a woman to lay on her back and allow the guy to rest his ballsack on her eyes. The woman then uses her cellular phone to place a call to her mom. The call must last at least three minutes and the ballsack must remain on the womans eyes for the entire duration of the call.

Taking things one step further, the guy can also drape his cock down the girls face starting at her nose while his ballsack is resting on her eyes. This would result in an Arabian Phone Call Elephant Trunk.
Guy: Lay on your back and get ready to have my ballsack on your eyes while you make a phone call to your mom.
Woman: Why?
Guy: Because I'm going to give you an Arabian Phone Call, and I might even throw the Elephant Trunk in there as well.
by Lieutenant Dan I February 04, 2010
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