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The last possible moment in which a person of Arab descent is forced to make a decision and commit to it.
Example 1:

Four Arabs sitting in a house are contemplating going out for dinner.
Arab 1: Where should we go?
Arab 2: I feel like eating Chinese.
Arab 3: No, I just had Chinese yesterday. I don't want it again.
Arab 4: How about Italian?
Arab 3: I'm not paying $20 for pasta that I could've made at home myself.
Arab 1: Well where do you want to go?
Arab 3: I don't know. I'm good with whatever.
Arab 1: Jaw drops in awe.
Arab 2: Let's just get in the car and decide then. (a.k.a the arab moment.)

Example 2:

John: Hey Ahmed, do you want to go to a concert next week?
Ahmed: Ummmm...hmmm...which day exactly?
John: Next Thursday at eight o'clock.
Ahmed: I don't know...maybe. (Thought process: What if I buy a ticket, but don't feel like going that day. How will I know how I'm going to feel that day? What if something better comes up? )
John: Well I'm going to buy tickets today.
Ahmed: Can I buy a ticket at the door?
John: Ya.

Fast forward to next Thursday at 7:30 pm, a.k.a. the arab moment. Ahmed shows up at the concert and buys a ticket at the door.
by thebanana April 03, 2012
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