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A type of person or a group of people that are your average mini yuppie. (Or can be the children of a yuppie.) They live in mansions or big houses, rich or higher class familes, and deeply into their schooling. EX: Being involed with plays, musicals, clubs, etc. They have very high gradepoint averages/G.P.A.s and their 100% NORMAL. Their idea of fun is sitting around talking about stupid shit like talking about what their familes will buy them. Their ultimate rivals are the alternatives. They also like all the lastest things and pretty much HATE anything vintage.
Apple Pie: "OMG! I just saw the new Justin Bieber song on MTV last night! Its AMAZING! AND my parents are letting me go shopping in N.Y.C.!! YAY!

Me: "Mtv is a shit show showing all the stupid crap that artitst write with no meaning at all. Justin I suck ass Bieber especially. Seriously, listen to Metallica, The Beatles, Misifts, or Smashing Pumpkins and THEN come back to talk to me about DECENT music. And it wouldn't hurt to shop at a salvation army warehouse."

Apple pie: o_O "Who?"

Me: *Facepalm* "Oh my god...Damn Apple pie person...."
by FreeToBeMe January 23, 2011
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