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The crappiest product that Apple has shitted out to date.

It's like a giant iPhone except it doesn't have a phone or 3G.

It's supposed to be the "Netbook killer" but it doesn't even MULTITASK! But it sure as hell costs DOUBLE.

It doesn't even have a freaking webcam!

And how much does this piece of shit cost? $499 FOR 16GB!



Oh, but you can expect stupid Apple fanboys to rush to their nearest Apple Store to purchase this useless device because after all, IT'S FROM APPLE! IT'S GONNA MAKE THEM LOOK COOL AND HIP!

Tell me Apple fanboys, how does Steve Job's cock taste like?

Fuck, you gotta be a complete moron to actually be thinking about buying this pile of garbage.

And don't even get me started on the goddamn name.

"iPad". For fuck's sake. It sounds like a brand of tampons.
The Apple iPad won't be worth buying until it can store at least a terabyte of menstrual blood.
by Hurp Derp January 27, 2010
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